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Valid from 7thAugust 2012

We appreciate your interest in Kylook.

The company Kylook GmbH i.L. (hereinafter “Kylook" o "we") is conscious of the importance that comes with handing private data and because we are aware that our users entrust us with this, we give absolute priority into the protection and security of this data. This document details the different measures Kylook undertakes to protect the privacy of its users.


Kylook complies with all legal requirements from the Federal Republic of Germany with regards to the legislation of data protection.

Your data belongs 100% to you. You are the sole owner of all your contact data and of any information and content you upload, use and share with Kylook. Kylook does not claim any ownership rights of its users data.

We do not sell, share or provide any of our users data with third party companies for any marketing or promotional purposes. Kylook does not disclose any personal information with any unauthorized third parties.

1. Correspondence with the Customer Service

Any messages sent to Kylook, including e-mails, letters and faxes will be stored after being processed. Any correspondence between our users and our service providers will also be saved. The reason for storing this data is to monitor our customer’s relationships in order to evaluate and constantly improve our customer service. This data will be deleted as required by law.

2. Questionnaires, Surveys and Profile Data

Occasionally Kylook will offer its users the option to participate in questionnaires and surveys to assess the interests and needs of our users. Detailed information about the purpose and use of such data collected will be specified in each survey or questionnaire.

3. What happens to a user’s information when they visit

You can visit as many times as you wish without having to register. To improve our service we will however be monitoring the use of and access to individual pages of our site in order to improve our service. This data is provided anonymously and does not permit us to draw any conclusions that lead us to the identity of the user.

In some cases, for system security purposes, certain data is stored by our server. This data is only stored for a short period of time.

This datamayinclude:

  • Domain name or IP address of the computer requesting access
  • File Name.
  • Indication whether download was successful / HTTP response code.
  • Date and time ofaccess.
  • The amount of data transferred over the connection.
  • The name of your Internet Service Provider.
  • If necessary the operating system and browser software on your computer.
  • The website from which the connection is made.

4. Use of Cookies

Kylook wants its users to feel safe and secure when visiting our website (

A cookie is a file that includes a certain sequence of characters that helps us identify the browser, manage page visits and ensure uninterrupted navigation between the contents of our website. Kylook collects these cookies to solely improve the quality of our website and to adapt our services to the wishes of users.

Usually your computer asks if cookies can be accepted. You can always set your browser to not accept cookies, but there is the possibility that certain features and services may not function properly as a result of this.

5. Analysis Tools

As part of our quality analysis of our web pages we use both our own applications and external tools. This is to ensure our site stays easy to use and pleasant for our end users. These analysis tools collect data such as the number of visits to individual pages, the most selected links, types of browser used, etc.

6. Protection of minors

The protection of children and young people from harmful and offensive content online is extremely important to Kylook.

Kylook will not publish any harmful content to minors or that violate the laws of copyright or trademarks.

To protect minors Kylook handles all data as "Private", this means that no one can access your data without your consent.

For users in Germany, we recommend visiting the following link (in German):

7. Account, Security and Password

To register, you must select a password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and are fully responsible for all activities that occur within your account. Youagreeto:

  • Immediately notify Kylook in writing of any unauthorized use of your account or any security breaches.
  • Ensure that you properly log out of your account at the end of each session.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your credentials (username and password).

8. Collection and Use of Personal Data

In the following situations Kylook will need to collect your personal details:

  • Yourregistrationwith Kylook.
  • To manage youraddressbook.
  • When you request customer advice and/or individual support.

Your personal information required for the personal function of our product and to close the contract is collected, processed and used only in compliance with all German Laws regarding data protection.

Kylook only saves data that is used in the address book such as names, telephone numbers, addresses etc. And also any data that is used to synchronize your address book with PCs, mobile phones, emails accounts, etc.

Kylook does not store any bank or credit card details. If necessary, Kylook only uses the services of these renowned and trusted companies such as Paypal, Amazon, Apps-Markets (such as Android or Apple) or Banks.

9. Who can see your data?

Only you decide who can access your data. This is a criterion which is defined by you in your profile settings. Please note that both registered users as well as stakeholders not registered with Kylook can view your profile but cannot access your address book/ contact data. This has always been the intention for business reasons.

You can define exactly who you´d like to allow access to your address book. After you have registered, you can adjust the configuration of your account and protection of your data.

10. Recommendations for potential acquaintances (contacts)

One of the main benefits of Kylook is that you can exchange contact information mutually with other users so that any updates or modifications are updated automatically in each other’s address books.

In order for this to function, both parties have to agree and have to have given their approval for the exchange of this data. Thus guaranteeing the security of your account and whom can receive updates or not.

11. Data Backup / Security

All your data is saved and protected in two geo-redundant servers. This means that all data is stored redundantly in two different geographical locations. In case of an unexpected interruption of a server, the second server automatically acts immediately so that our users don’t need to suffer any loss of data and can continue using the services of Kylook normally.

When you delete a contact from your phonebook, data is safe guarded in a backup so that you always have the ability to restore any data if needed. However, if you delete your “Trash folder” and all of its contents hen the data will be deleted permanently with no possibility to restore them.

12. Data Encryption (Coded)

When synchronizing your address book all data being transmitted is encrypted. Thus, Kylook is always protecting your data against unauthorized third parties.

13. The data to cancel / terminate your account

If you delete (cancel) your account with Kylook, all your data, contacts and all backups will be deleted permanently from our servers. The address books on your personal PC´s, mobile phones or external email accounts will not be deleted.

14. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Kylook is constantly striving to improve and significantly expand its services and features. For this reason, Kylook reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy and adapt it to new product or market situations whilst always in accordance with German law.

We are always very grateful to hear of any suggestions for improvement: If you find any security risks, please contact us straight away at

Kylook GmbH i.L.
Putenmatt 11
D-77955 Ettenheim
Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Freiburg (HRB 707926)

Important Information:

Your data belongs 100% to you.

You choose who can see your data.

We do not sell, share or provide any of our users data with third party companies for any marketing or promotional purposes. Kylook does not disclose any personal information with any unauthorized third parties.

We only use your data with strict compliance to all German Laws regarding data protection.

For those under the age of consent

For your protection, your data is treated as private and confidential information. This means no one can have access without your consent. However, we urge you to be careful and only give consent to those you really know and trust.

If you are unsure or feel like you don’t have a proper understanding of our Privacy Policy you should consult your parent, guardian or legal representative.

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